Dental Clinic

If you manage a Dental Clinic, stop wasting time searching for information and lack of communication with your customers.

Times change and with them the methods, the ideal is to participate in the digital flow that Dentisky offers you.

Register with Dentisky and take advantage of its advantages; it’s fast, easy, comfortable and safe.

From this moment on, all the prescriptions, comments and Cad-Cam digital files or images will be stored in a joint place with your Clients, simplifying the work and subsequent consultation.

Everything you need for high-altitude communication.



You can easily create the different accesses to the platform.


All working technicians will be able to consult the sanitary prescriptions.


You will be able to register all your clients.


You will have at your fingertips a tool to create prescriptions in compliance with health regulations.


Comment, warn, mention everything that is important in the different cases that we are doing.

Digital files

Documentation repository of everything that is important for the realization, such as Images, Cbtc Reports, stl files, etc.

Types of Prescriptions

Customize the types of product you make in your laboratory.


Include all the products made by the laboratory so that clients can select the desired product.